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About CoderFor

CoderFor is leading technologist provider mainly for small, medium enterprises so they can hire the the developer or coder with in their budget, we bring this to help worlds SMEs to pay for the coder and rest developer will do all what the client need. CoderFor is setup on 2017 to focus on to helping SMEs to individual as per their technological need related to the internet and to get them to the internet bringing from WWW to mobile world.

CoderFor provide high experience developers who can fit on the client need and can get the work done as per the client requirements.

We here at CoderFor provide complete technological need for the clients from their website to the complete online support for their business. We provide simple contract as per the client requirements that the time and money they want to invest.

CoderFor give the best service to the clients wordwide so that they can come back to us for their every software development ideas and help them in their business dream. Just come and first try then believe on us.

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CoderFor makes it easy for the worlds SMEs and individual to have great quality and less invested resource work for them.

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Why you must get our service?

Having worked on numerous projects, Developers at CODERFOR have gained unmatched business and technological expertise. We have built a large pool of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet your needs, expectation and budget. Below are some key topics we focus on.


Trust is always our first priority, we believe that you should be in a better position after working with us and that you come anytime with your requirements, without thinking too much. We feel privileged to be part of your life and it’s a position of trust that we don’t take for granted.


Privacy has always been our highest priority. The protection and security of customer data has always been a high priority because of the personal and sensitive data, information and ideas of our customers. So we work always through NDA with our customers and take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information.


We at CODERFOR always thinks about your budget for your requirements so we provide the cost only for the developers and we always try to fit your requirements with open source technologies so we can help you with your budget for the project. First we discuss your requirements with you and then recommend you to the use of technologies for the project.


With a passion for precision, quality is a tradition at CODERFOR. We understand the importance of your business to you. So we follow proper documentation and style of the coding for your projects. Our developers write clean code with description of every logics of section of the projects.


Keeping our clients data secure has always been the primary responsibility of CODERFOR. Ensuring Code security, servers and development tools that for clients projects – these are all very important, but ultimately protecting the personally-identifiable information that clients entrust to us has been our top priority. So we always focus on the security of your infomation and the data.


Our developers here at CODERFOR always experiment for the new technologies available in the market and fit them for your project so the quality of the software or the application can improve and fit in the constantly changing market need. We always focus on the end user experience on you website and sofwtare.

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